An integrated IIoT solution

Condition monitoring and management of teams for technical maintenance of electro-mechanical equipment

Archimed IoT

In the complex human-machine environment, the role of man requires an ever-increasing awareness of the specifications of machine operations, for preventive intervention in order to eliminate impending failures and ensure smooth, trouble-free operation of the company's equipment.

Our offer - Archimed IoT offers a solution for every business, process and industrial controller in production, for on-line monitoring and repair task, for any role inside the facility.

Archimed IIoT offers:

  • The proven software tools of Archimed eDMS for managing business processes and documents, already working for over 30 years in over 200 organizations in the country;
  • dataFRUIT  – front end hardware and software for monitoring and accumulating signals from monitored machines and controllers to detect pre-emergency conditions;
  • Automatic workflows, managing the actions of each role in the technical support tasks of each monitored machine and controller;
  • Database with history of monitored controllers, processes and actions taken to troubleshoot monitored devices;
  • History of operating states, damage and repair interventions from the beginning of exploitation, during the warranty period and after.

Archimed IIoT monitors:

Objects and facilities in the power & energy sector:

  • Hydroelectric power plants
  • Heat and power plants
  • Solar parks
  • Wind generator parks
  • Biomass plants
  • Facilities in substations

Production facilities:

  • Machines and assembly lines
  • HPP and press equipment
  • Machines in the food industry

Archimed IIoT is suitable for:

  • Manufacturers of industrial electro-mechanical equipment
  • Integrators of electro-mechanical equipment
  • Operators of electro-mechanical equipment
  • Insurance companies

Typical workflow in Archimed IoT

How does Archimed IIoT help?

  • Allows real-time remote monitoring of the facility equipment
  • Accumulates historical data about machine health
  • Gives information about seasonality in observed signals
  • Monitors operation compliance in warranty period
  • Monitors compliance with operational requirements
  • Warns of misalignments leading to damage
  • Automates the problem notification process
  • Organizes the prevention process of the facilities
  • Upgrades SCADA or runs standalone

Archimed IIoT works with MS Windows and the following industrial controllers and protocols:

  • Works in Microsoft SQL databases
  • Stores historical signal data in a public or private cloud
  • Supports SIEMENS, Schneider, Berghoff, ABB & other controllers
  • Supports SIEMENS S7, OPC/UA, Modbus, Profibus, MQTT & other protocols

At the request of the user, Archimed IIoT additionally offers:

  • Automated workflows for all typical company processes - incl. procurement, logistics, technical training, production and others.
  • Specialized tools for processing and managing technical documentation, incl. OCR, Raster to Vector, technical and CAD document review, and more.
  • Electronic archive of drawings and technical documentation
  • Integration with ERP/MES systems available to the user.

Archimed IIoT is delivered to the end user as a subscription service for use over a period of 12, 24 or 36 months, with the option of a new subsequent period.

 Architecture and processes

  • Production lines
  • Machines in energy, discrete and process production
  • Means of transport, transport corridors and objects of logistics
  • All other electro-mechanical systems and equipment controlled by intelligent industrial controllers

Questions and Answers

Our platform directly connects to the PLC of each machine and collects real-time data on predefined parameters critical for your enterprise.


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