Typical application in Utilities

Providers of public services - water supply and sanitation, electricity distribution, communications, experience a growing need for reliable IT solutions capable of creating, developing and maintaining a flexible working framework and IT infrastructure for information management and service:

  • Management of documents from/to clients and regulators
  • Management of the investment process, tenders and contracts
  • Automation of the eternal document flow of the company
  • Optimisation of workflows within the Company and its remote branches
  • Management of tasks and deadlines, monitoring performance in critical processes
  • Management of technical and engineering information on facilities and assets

Archimed eDMS provides an open, scalable and reliable platform for management of business processes, documents and remote communication with customers and partners.

Through Archimed eDMS, companies receive a centralized repository of information with the possibility of group work and remote access, the opportunity to model and optimize the business processes, manage tasks and track deadlines electronically, control the decisions of management bodies and much more.

Typical solutions

  • Management of business processes, tasks, deadlines, and monitoring of performance
  • Management of internal document flow and business correspondence
  • Management of tender procedures and contracts
  • Management of communication and correspondence with remote offices
  • Management of citizens’ complaints directly through the WEB
  • Compliance management with supervisory and regulatory requirements
  • Management of engineering change orders – (ECO/ECM)
  • Management of electronic, technical archive with drawings, maps and schemes
  • Management of processes and activities in Legal DirectorateManagement of processes and activities in the Supply and Logistics Directorate

The benefits for companies providing public services:

  • Significant improvement of customer service deadlines and quality in customer service
  • Improvement of the traceability of compliance with the requirements оf the regulatory body
  • Significant reduction of losses and penalties due to overdue contracts
  • Improved planning, management and reporting of investment projects
  • Optimized management of technical documentation and repair work
  • Reduction of operating costs and growth of operating profit

Typical areas of application

  • Management of processes and activities in the Accounting Directorate
  • Management of processes and activities in the Budgeting and Technical Control Directorate
  • Management of processes and activities in the Human Resources Development Directorate
  • Crisis management processes and activities
  • Management of Source connection processes
  • Management of processes and activities in the Sales Administration Directorate
  • Management of processes and activities in the Management Board Office and preparation and management activities of work processes and business development
  • Management of processes and activities in the Occupational Safety Directorate
  • and many others


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