Archimed eDMS

software solution for management of business processes,
electronic documents and services
provided electronically

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a step forward in management of the strategy for
e-governance and e-service to citizens

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Banks and financial institutions

management of critical business processes and
the related information in customer service

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Industry and services

working framework for management of internal documentation and
workflows in all departments of the company,
including its geographically remote divisions and branches

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A reliable platform for electronic management of processes and documents,
remote communication and service of customers and partners. 

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Health sector

a complete solution for management of documents, patient files,
tender procedures, contracts and building team interactions

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What is Archimed eDMS?


To manage enterprise content (ECM) properly, you must first think strategically about how information flows through your organization and the role it plays in everything from business processes to security and change management.

Аrchimed eDMS is a complete, open and adaptive software solution, to help you organize and electronically manage your enterprise content: undergoing of business processes /workflow/, the documents, the electronic archives of documents, 2D and 3D CAD/CAM drawings and team collaboration in your organization.

The solution is suitable for organisations from all business sectors – state and municipal administration, budget organizations, banks and insurance companies, commercial and industrial companies, organizations in the health sector, construction companies, accounting firms, law firms, educational establishment and etc.

The system collects, stores, updates and provides documents and data for re-use, delivering the right information at the right time and in the right place, providing the means to shorten the time to complete each task and reduce operational costs.

Archimed eDMS has a three-layer architecture - client, server and web and is built on Microsoft's industrial software standards. The system is divided into individual modules that can operate both independently and in an integrated manner. Document database storage can be on а local server or in cloud environment choseн by the organization.

Archimed eDMS provides all the necessary functions and capabilities to modulate the management of document and operational workflows, as well as a convenient toolkit for monitoring, controlling and building effectively managed team interactions.

Archimed eDMS enables you to create your own process-dependent rules for working with documents in your organization, as well as a working framework for the sequence of actions that each employee must perform when working with them.

Why you should choose Archimed eDMS?

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